Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Way You Wear Your Hat [the way you sip your tea]

If you believe you don't look good in hats, chances are you are wrong. I used to think I looked horrible in hats - then I figured out my problem. Unless you're Anya Caliendo, you probably just don't know how to put a hat on your head.

The key is angle. Check out the difference.

Top of head:

Versus angle:

It's like those people who say they don't like tea. Do you even realize how many varieties of tea there are? My local tea joint has over 100 different teas. You may prefer it hot, cold, with or without milk or sugar or honey, but it's almost impossible to dislike all tea. You just haven't found your tea yet.

Top of head:

Versus angle:

Also, each hat has more possibilities than just the perched-on-the-top-of-the-head-like-a-bird or angled version.

In fact, you've got 360* of pure awesome.

So please, if you are wishing it was the 1940s again and a woman didn't leave her home without a hat on her head, stop reminiscing. And please purchase a hat. New or old will do, just find one you like and leave your house with it on your head.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


I've been deep sea cleaning recently and have made some good progress getting rid of clothes, but when it came to skirts, I enlisted the help of Glenna Fashions. I love dresses, but hardly ever wear my vast collection of skirts. I had an overwhelming 27 skirts ranging from 2 to 8ish years old. I haven't recounted, but Emily helped me find new ways to put some of my skirts to use and I have a giant pile of thrift store bound rejects. She's right, I really don't need a dozen skirts of the same (not particularly flattering) cut. My closet is very happy, as am I.

I can't wait for Glenna's blog to be up and running on February 15th. Also, I can't wait to show off my skirts!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

How One Oregonian Cares for Her Clothes

Some time ago I read a wonderful article on how French women care for their clothes. I did quite bit of searching for it or something like it this evening, but to no avail. I mostly read over and over that when visiting France, one should wear a lot of black.

Regardless, the idea is simple: take care of your clothes. It is unlikely they need to be washed quite so often. I rarely use the dryer except for towels and linens. I even hang dry most of socks. My sister has a very different philosophy. She throws everything in the wash and most things in the dryer. She is willing to sacrifice a view items for the ease provided. I am not. I want to take care of my more expensive clothes, and I take care of my cheap clothing as well -- I bought them because I like them. Low quality makes these items even more vulnerable.

After wearing, air out. I froze my poor roommate at college when I hung my sweaters and t-shirts in front of the opened window during the snowy winter.

Spot clean as necessary.

Never wash whites with anything but whites.

To freshen something a little more intensely, steam by hanging in the bathroom while running a hot shower. (Might be a good time to wash your hair) Then air out in fresh air.

Hand wash everything lace and everything that says "hand wash."

Your wardrobe will thank you. The environment will thank you.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Eyes Have It

I can't help myself. I was going through a box of junk today and refound this image of Anh Duong (at a Halloween party) I had clipped out of a magazine sometime ago. The eyes are so interesting!

Also, I really support wearing a fabulous shoe in a place where it can receive the admiration it deserves.