Thursday, February 4, 2010

How One Oregonian Cares for Her Clothes

Some time ago I read a wonderful article on how French women care for their clothes. I did quite bit of searching for it or something like it this evening, but to no avail. I mostly read over and over that when visiting France, one should wear a lot of black.

Regardless, the idea is simple: take care of your clothes. It is unlikely they need to be washed quite so often. I rarely use the dryer except for towels and linens. I even hang dry most of socks. My sister has a very different philosophy. She throws everything in the wash and most things in the dryer. She is willing to sacrifice a view items for the ease provided. I am not. I want to take care of my more expensive clothes, and I take care of my cheap clothing as well -- I bought them because I like them. Low quality makes these items even more vulnerable.

After wearing, air out. I froze my poor roommate at college when I hung my sweaters and t-shirts in front of the opened window during the snowy winter.

Spot clean as necessary.

Never wash whites with anything but whites.

To freshen something a little more intensely, steam by hanging in the bathroom while running a hot shower. (Might be a good time to wash your hair) Then air out in fresh air.

Hand wash everything lace and everything that says "hand wash."

Your wardrobe will thank you. The environment will thank you.


  1. Oh, this is so true! I very often feel uspet with the fact that clothes became so disposable, almost with no value. I agree with every point and I think we share a lot of similarities when it comes to caring for clothes :-).My hubby things I go slightly overboard, but I take sucha great pride in my wardrobe, I simply can not care for it any other way than this. Have a wonderful weekend.:-)

  2. Ooops, sorry for the mistakes, the comment went in by accident before I had a chance to correct everything.

  3. Such a lovely blog. I am glad I found you.
    Thank you for the sweet comment!