Sunday, February 7, 2010


I've been deep sea cleaning recently and have made some good progress getting rid of clothes, but when it came to skirts, I enlisted the help of Glenna Fashions. I love dresses, but hardly ever wear my vast collection of skirts. I had an overwhelming 27 skirts ranging from 2 to 8ish years old. I haven't recounted, but Emily helped me find new ways to put some of my skirts to use and I have a giant pile of thrift store bound rejects. She's right, I really don't need a dozen skirts of the same (not particularly flattering) cut. My closet is very happy, as am I.

I can't wait for Glenna's blog to be up and running on February 15th. Also, I can't wait to show off my skirts!


  1. I know this wonderful feeling of having completely clean closet. Almost like giving it a new face lift :-). Wishing you the most beautiful valentine's Day filled with love and joy!

  2. Abigail, just stopped by to wish you a wonderful weekend :-)