Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Adam Arnold Studio

Last week I took a trip to designer Adam Arold's new, more spacious studio. A girl checked my shoes at the door.

Here's Adam showing me the dress and vest I asked about. It was the "future" dress he created for a "Past, Present, Future" show he was involved with at Portland's own Seaplane. The little vest is the absolute best part. It's a bit aviator inspired and includes a chin strap, which he kindly modeled for me.

I love the details in this child's dress. The punched leather, the boiled wool half sphere ornamentation, and most of all, the hexagons! Hexagons seem to be the only thread I picked up throughout his spring collection.

This was my favorite corner of the new location. The creams and whites called to me, as did the careful folds in this dress peeking out at the side.

Overall, I was about 1/3 happy with the designs and 2/3 unimpressed. I loved the hexagons, but was not wooed by brightly colored shift dresses in stiff, itchy fabric upwards of $400.

When he makes time for the details, Adam Arnold's work is lovely. When he can't put forth the effort, there's no need for you to shop custom made.



    One Love,

  2. It does look very impressive. I have to agree with you on colors and the vest -magnificent! I also loved the fact that the studio is so large, with a lot of light. It is so important and shows a great taste. :-)

  3. The girl's dress looks so steampunk and interesting as does the dress on the dress-form. I'm with you..don't really care much for the colourful shifts.

  4. Ooooh, so interesting. I love the one color, different shapes/textures idea. This week I'm going to style something based on shapes!

  5. Dear Abigail, thank you for your great input on my Dior dilemma. Tall shoes sounds like a great idea! Thank you! Wishing you wonderful weekend and promise to post the picture of myself wearing this coat as soon as I will figure out how exactly to wear it. :-)

  6. This is a great post, thanks for sharing!