Friday, March 26, 2010

Pretty Eventful

As summer lines fly into boutiques everywhere (although I'm mostly wearing black, grays, and greens, the uniform of the Pacific Northwest), I've been attending as many opening events as I can. Yesterday I stopped by Phlox and Oh Baby.

I had to interrupt my visit to Phlox mid-browse, but the Isaac Hers collection was overall uninspiring and I left without a fight. Everywhere I look, I see solid colored jersey dresses either as a wrap or embellished with another solid. The inspiration behind the line is the forest floor. "Each piece blooms from the underbrush and dead fall, dotting the landscape with renewal and beauty." Past collections have some interesting designs, so I'm hoping that with fall some exploratory pieces will arise. Or more pretty and less jersey:

Willow Creek Dress, Isaac Hers Spring 2009

Speaking of which, if you are in Portland, Oregon and like pretty, check out Oh Baby and happily leave with 15% off your bra purchases through the end of the month. I am much too shy to go around snapping photographs in a lingerie shop, but the women who work there are very helpful and I assure you the shop is brimming with imported lace and so much pretty.


  1. Hi, Abby: (you have the same name as my first daughter's middle name. :) How cute.

    I have been Portland once...for skiing, I think. Thanks for sharing the store w/ I know where to go next time when we are there.

  2. thanks for the tip about the bra discount - i am a huge oh baby fan.

  3. Nice picture! I love your blog

  4. Never heard of any of this stores, but it does sound very interesting and it does sound like you had a great time! I have been delaying my Spring shopping for weeks now because of being super busy with my new Atelier. Hoping to go shopping on Monday. :-) Wishing you wonderful weekend.:-)

  5. Abbie! I love reading your blog. Your photo selection is impeccable!

    What are your top 5 favorite shops in Portland? I will have guests visiting soon, and I want to show them the best of the best, but I don't get out much to explore like you do. So.. I'm relying on your expertise. The group is comprised of both genders so if you know of stores with mens clothing that would be a plus.