Friday, March 12, 2010

Matchy Matchy

Yesterday I was going to venture forth to the Northwest Apparel and Footwear Materials Show, for which I registered weeks ago, but I found myself swamped and had to give it up. I'll have to wait until fall rolls around for another chance. So instead of pictures of what a materials convention looks like, I only have a simple little word to the wise. A rule to live by in your personal style life: never match.

Please coordinate, please balance, please take into consideration whatever else you are wearing, but don't match. If you do, you may find yourself ending up like this:

It's only cute if you're four.

Photo thanks to Andreas Schjønhaug of The Streehearts.


  1. Sound advice - but I'm in serious trouble if the same rule applies to BLACK :)

  2. Oh no! Haha. Black isn't matchy! :)

  3. Well, I happen to completely agree on this! I think matching outfit gives out the fact that the person who is wearing it has no imagination whatsoever. No matchy matchy after 5 years of age!:-))))

  4. haha! When I first saw this post, I thought that you were going to write about how this outfit is good, and I was like "wow! I must be really fashion retarded because I think it's hideous!"

    Thank you. I agree it is only okay if you're four. :o)

  5. Well, sea foam green scooter sounds fantastic! :-))) I love your choice of color!