Thursday, April 15, 2010

Calling: Cobbler

Two weeks past the "ready by" date, I finally run into my local shoe repair place to pick up my shoes. I also find multiple signs hung around the very small shop advertising a shoe making class. Shoe making class? I never even considered such a thing. Tuition is a bit steep at $1500 for a class that results in one pair of handmade shoes, but I definitely considered signing up for about 2-3 minutes.

Fortunately, I stumble upon a brilliant pair of handmade shoes at a consignment shop just a few days later. $8 is more reasonable (and they came with a glass of champagne! This is the way to shop).

The only other pair of shoes I've seen with upturned toes like this belonged to a girl who told me she got them on a trip to Tibet.

Tibetan boots

 Men's traditional Indian Khussa shoes

In my search for handmade shoes I discovered Pendragon Shoes, an Australian duo that specializes in handmade novelty and costume shoes. Steven Meisel shot these ridiculously awesome shoes for Italian Vogue last September.


  1. great blog, loving everything!!

  2. Fab.u.lous. i love reading italian/french/uk vogue... wish they weren't so expensive. sigh. day trips to powells! good thing they don't have a 'no loitering' policy....

  3. I just happened upon a great website the other day by a woman who taught herself how to make shoes by hand. She wrote a book on shoemaking and sells it on her site as well...

  4. Fab shoes! Handmade shoes are a rarity unfortunately so you're lucky to have found them. Don't know if I'd have the patience to make my own, but I do admire anyone who can! Great blog :)

  5. I TOTALLY ADORE THOSE FIRST SHOES. They're amazing. :)


  6. I guess there is a bit more to shoe making than just learning how to do it. Glad you found such a thrifty solution!