Monday, April 12, 2010

Wish List

Sitting through art history classes, I took notes on the beautiful clothes. I was so adamant about my adoration for Van Dyck's beautiful coat in one of his self-portraits, my name showed up in a lighthearted exam question on the midterm. (Something along the lines of "which of these paintings does Abbie want an article of clothing modeled after?) The answer, of course, being:

Anthony Van Dyck. Self-Portrait. 1620-1621. Oil on canvas

I love the voluminous sleeves with the slits in them and the high collar, all in gorgeous silk. Here's another stunning jacket with countless folds and a generous helping of buttons. It's all in the details!

Agnolo Bronzino. Portrait of a Young Man. 1530s. Oil on wood.

I could do without the hat. Finally, the draping and pleating in this dress is wonderful. The belt, the surprising layers, the lacing at the top, the emphasis on the female form - ah, magnificent! If only he had painted a view of the back as well!

Edward Burne-Jones. The Wheel of Fortune. 1884. Oil on Canvas.

Someday, when I am ridiculously wealthy, I am going to have these made for me. Or when I have learned how to sew ridiculously well I will make them myself. I wonder which is more likely...


  1. yes! please go to textile school and start sewing ridiculously well for us all! i also am thankful that the ability to depict spectacular folds/draping on clothing in many periods of art history was essential. we owe so many beautiful, inspiring clothes to that notion.
    i also mostly go for the men's clothes, as well - gorgeous, yet could be worn today.

  2. Abigail,
    I have told you before, but I love you blog! I am working a MLA, which is my second masters. Next semester, in addition to a drama class, I will be taking a sculpture class. I am so excited. Can't wait.
    Keep up the good work!

  3. Thanks for your komment!
    Amazing pics!
    Have a nice day!

  4. I think you can absolutely do it yourself! I always repeat to my interns: the best instrument God gave us is our hands. :-))) Until then you just need to master your skills in sewing.:-)

  5. I adore the portrait of a young man and his dress. The silk of this perioid was so majestic too!