Monday, April 19, 2010

Self Portrait

Man Ray got the better of me.


  1. Happy Monday to you! Love the self portraits here. xx

  2. Love your portrait...but come you don't post one w/ your lovely smile!!! I'd love to see your smile, dear!! :)

    oh, the uppointed slippers is interesting..and very royal looking w/ pretty embellishment.

    As for the last The Wheel of Fortune painting, I love the drapes and softness that the artist painted on that woman's clothes. I was reading a magazine that you will get bored w/ mix-media painting as technology worn-out, but oil on Canvas is something that artists all do over almost 400 years and you never get tired of looking at a good painting!!! (hope I remember it correctly.) :)

  3. i really like the light on the second one....

  4. where did you do these photos? i love the look. let's hang out soon!

  5. Magnificent! Very deep, very touching and so beautiful. I also love the fact that the pictures are done in black and white.